Tournament Rules



Amended: January 2014




A.                    Shall enforce all rules during the club tournament.

B.                    Shall be responsible for pairings.

C.                    Shall resolve all disputes prior to weigh-in and no awards given until settled.

D.                    Shall appoint Assistant Tournament Director.





A.                    The Club tournament schedule shall consist of eight (8) tournaments.

B.                    Tournaments shall not be held on the same lake more than once in a tournament year.

C.                    Lakes will be voted on by the membership.

D.                   Tournament times to be voted on prior to the tournament at a club meeting

E.                     Boat position will be drawn at the club meeting prior to the tournament.

F.                     Partners shall be determined by the Tournament Director at a club meeting prior to the first tournament.

G.                   No boater will be forced to be a non-boater more than twice in a tournament year.

H.                   No boater will fish alone more than twice in a tournament year.

I.                      Members will not be paired with the same member more than twice in a tournament year.

J.                      Tournament waters off limits shall begin at 12:01 AM on the Monday prior to the tournament.




A.                    A member’s best six (6) finishes will determine his points toward “Bassman of the Year”.

B.                   Individuals points for each tournament are recorded separately to determine “Bassman of the Year”

C.                   Fishing less than four (4) of the eight (8) scheduled tournaments disqualifies all points.

D.                   Points will be awarded as follows:

1.35 points – No Show

2.30 points – Showed up but did not catch any fish

3.1-26 place as you finish; based on the number of active members.

4.Places awarded beyond the last qualifying finish will be separated as follows: 1 – being first place.

E.                     Team Concept:  Team weight =  the sum of the boaters and non-boaters weight

F.                     Boater fishing alone will get the average weight of all non-boaters fishing in the tournament as his non-boaters weight.

G.                    Members arriving late 15 minutes or more for the weigh-in may be disqualified (Disqualification is equal to 35 pts. for that angler, for that tournament.).  Exceptions will be made in the event of boat mechanical problems or when boater had assisted another boater in distress.

H.                   A penalty of 1 pound per minute will be assessed up until 15 minutes at which time the member will be disqualified.

I.                      Member will be disqualified and/or penalized for the following:

1.Weighing in a fish under 12 inches in length.  Penalty will be the loss of the members’ largest fish.  A courtesy measurement(s) can be requested prior to weighing in.

2.Possession of more than five (5) fish at the scale.

3.Weighing in a dead fish.  0.2 lb. penalty per dead fish.

J.                      No member shall cull a dead fish.

K.                   When competing for the “Lunker” fish award the members “Lunker” fish will be assessed a 0.2 lb. penalty if it dead, i.e. does not show any sign of life.

L.                   In all cases the Tournament Director will make the final decision.



Other Rules

A.                 All tournaments will have an ooze-off start with the boater in last position acting as the start boat.

B.                   The start boat will release the boats with 15 seconds between each boat.

C.                    The Tournament director will designate the check in spot that each boat will be required to be at before the official time of the tournament has expired.

D.                    The Tournament director shall designate a change in fish limit he sees fit if conditions warrant it in his/her opinion

E.                       Tournament director has the right to delay, shorten or cancel the start of the event because of bad weather or other factors that would endanger the safety of the competitors.  Tournament waters may also be restricted at any time because of bad weather.

F.                       Tournament Director shall not be held up to get out of the water at the end of the tournament day and his partner will assist at the weigh-in.

G.                   Other members may load their boats prior to the Tournament Director as long as he is not held up.

H.                    Tournament is over when the scales close.

I.                      No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed during the tournament.

J.                      Boat owners shall maintain at least fifty (50) yards between other competitor’s boats while fishing.

K.                    Boater is expected to allow his partner one half (1/2) of the tournament time to fish where his partner would like.

L.                     Non-boaters are required to pay the boater with whom he fishes with, $20 per tournament.

M.                    Only artificial baits shall be used except for pork.

N.                    Only one (1) line may be fished at a time.

O.                    Should a line be in the water to keep the bait from drying out and a fish eats it and is caught, that fish shall be released.

  1.             Co-Angler – must bring a Coast Guard approved Life Jacket.

Q.                    Angler (Boater) – must provide a seat for Co-Angler.

  1.             Angler (Boater) – must ensure all equipment is in good working condition.  (live wells, running lights, pumps, kill switch, etc…)


Section V


A.                     Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times by tournament competitors.  Caution and safety on the morning starts must be observed.  Each competitor must supply and wear a life vest (Coast Guard Approved PFD) properly zipped, buckled, or snapped at all times when the craft’s is on plane.  Tournament boats may not be powered by an engine which has a horsepower rating in excess of the boat’s Coast Guard rating.  The boat’s “Kill Switch” must be properly affixed to the driver at all times when the gasoline engine is running.


B.                    BASIC BOAT EQUIPMENT:  Every boat must have all required Coast Guard safety equipment.  Each boat must have a working engine kill switch and a mechanically aerated live well in good working condition.  All tournament boats must be adequately equipped, including a fishing seat for a Co-Angler (non-boating partner), and provide sufficient room for two fishermen, their equipment, and two limits of fish.  The boat must be deemed adequate for the body of water being fished at the discretion of the Tournament Director



In the event of an emergency situation, competitors should call 911 first and then notify tournament director.