2013 May -August Minutes

Mohawk Valley BassCasters, Inc. Monthly Meeting Minutes

 May 13, 2013

The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM

Mohawk Valley BassCasters Meeting Minutes for April 8, 2013: Read and Accepted.

Treasurers Report for May 2013: Read and Accepted.

Connecticut  Nation Report for May 2013:

  • Candlewood Lake Authority is monitoring Zebra Mussels in Lake Lilly and Zoar.
  • If you fish the Fed you have to sign a release form for Zebra mussels.
  • CBN scholarships are $1,500, $1,000 and $500.
  • Lowrance wants you to put posts on their Facebook page to see which state has more posts, to reflect sponsorship.
  • For more information go to ctbass.com.

Tournament Report

  • The first tournament was on Candlewood. Teams placed as follows: Jay and alone-3rd, Kevin and Morrie-2nd, Dean and Dave-1st, Individuals as follows Sam 3rd, Dean 2nd, Kevin 1st.
  • 2nd tournament was on Bashen. Tom and Saltwater Steve-3rd, Jim H and Rich T-2nd, Greg and  Morrie 1st. Individuals Steve D-3rd, Sam-2nd, Greg-1st.
  • Next tournament is on Zoar, the membership then voted on a starting time of 6-2 and will meet at the rt 8 lot on 84 at 4:45.
  • The members then pick the starting order for the tournament.

Old Business

  • MVBC is getting a 10% discount at Castle Baits and Rocky’s outpost.
  • Armand is looking at club tournament shirts and is looking at different companies.
  • Melinda and Olivia, are again finalist for the scholarships.

New Business:

  • We need to have a date in mind for the summer picnic, Steve’s place is open.
  • Dean then passed a fizzing kit that was shown to the Nation and there was talk of making them for the club.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:20PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Mike Geloso